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of the man's own daughter. president barak obama calls for partisanship in washington to deal with the war on terror. >> 11 news sunday morning starts right now. >> welcome to 11 news sunday morning. top stories in just a moment. first, we want to take a a lookout side. >> as they say in new england. it's wicked cold. terrible out there this morning. wind chills are a little below zero. it feels like downtown, it's is the. examine bridge, 21. york and haguerstown. these are the gusts. parkton, 23. 27 mile an hour gust in easton. when you factor all that together, it feels like zero at the airport. two downtown. zero at easton. eight apoff and 11 below. in addition to the wind and cold, they are getting a lot of snow out in far western maryland. we'll talk about this wentry weather. a balt father is behind bars this morning charged with the beating death of his own daughter. they are charged with beating his 20 month old daughter to death. we have more. >> it was december 17. the afternoon of the blizzard of 2009 when rescue workers were called to the home of the 2800 block of kentucky aven
was also stabbed. corporal ray was from potomac. he was stationed in washington, d.c. >> three days after these people died in house fire, crews went back to the neighborhood going door to door to prevent more lost lives. >> they lived a life to the fullest. i would like them to be remembered. >> henry it returned to the oliver street home saturday for there is a makeshift memorial for her family. her mother and uses died in a fire here on wednesday. fire officials said that there were working smoke detectors in the home, but it did not give the family out of the house. it is something that henriette cannot understand. >> they were here sunday, cooking, getting ready for dinner. the smoke detector went off. i don't understand. >> saturday morning the baltimore city fire department went door-to-door, checking to make sure that smoke detectors are installed and working properly. >> we find after a fire the neighborhood years and it is easier for us to get in. oftentimes people will not come to the door. the message is we're not taking your housekeeping. although we are doing is coming to ma
by the cold reality of terrorism. he promised to work with republicans in washington to keep this nation safe. >> we cannot imagine a more fitting resolution to guide us as a people and nation. >> a sentiment echoed by top republicans. >> it is important to remember that we are united by our love of country and a common face that no challenge is too great for the american people to overcome. >> they pick up right where they left off, the battle over the war on terror is certain to begin anew after the attempted christmas day bombing. >> what questions need to be asked? what changes need to be made? >> this past week's suicide bombing in afghanistan serves as a reminder of the struggles. even on an island paradise the president escapes the old challenges -- a president cannot escape the old challenges in this new year. he vowed that those responsible will be held accountable. in washington, i am brian moore. >> coming to salzburg, ocean city, a new airline may be coming. they would like to remain anonymous for the time. they only have flights through philadelphia and charlotte, but business le
the party. he was from potomac maryland, stationed until washington, d.c. marqus blakely -- >> stephanie rawlings-blake will attend -- >> a filibuster proof majority needed to help health care reform. brian mooar has that story from washington. >> i will not stop fighting for you. i will take my lumps. >> this past week, president obama adopted a notably tougher tone, and he may need it. >> the assumptions and priorities of this white house have just been thrown into a trash can in the last week. >> democrats lost the 60-vote majority needed to fight health care. more than half of voters now oppose health care reform, and the same number believe the nation's on the wrong track. republicans are seizing the opportunity. >> this is what happens when government over-reaches and stops listening to the people. >> in this mid-term election year, republicans are focusing on the struggling economy, on unemployment over 10%, and the trillion dollars in stimulus spending that has yet to yield big results. >> right now this is as serious as a heart attack for democrats, and the question is, do they
which sets sale from baltimore. return date, unknown. brian mooar, nbc, washington. >> lowell melser is onboard the comfort. >> usns comfort would have a hard time existing if it wasn't for the hard working men and women on board the ship running it from front to back. some of them are right now in the pilot house behind me here. we had a chance to speak to the captain earlier, and he told us this is going to be one heck of a mission. >> whatever you think is waiting for you, double or triple it. you will see the best and worst of humanity. why he has guided many missions to hatey, but this may be his toughest mission yet. captain holly will maintain the ship on its daring voyage. a tough job, he said, but nothing compared to what he's going to see once he's in haiti. >> i don't think you understand the extent of suffering, really, until you get boots on the ground. and what you see on tv will not do it justice. >> captain holly tells me, like in past missions he hopes to get off the ship and render aid wherever he can proving that he's not only the captain of the ship, but a great h
transition here in baltimore city. we've already seen where the incoming mayor has been to washington. she was at the state of the union, at the mayor's conference, and she received the president here. what does that say? >> it says a lot. it's very important that the mayor have a strong relationship with the president. and with us being so cless to washington, what that does is open the door for the president to make a lot of visits when they want to do pilot programs, baltimore becomes a wonderful place to do them. it tests different pilot programs for the nation. and it's about resources, and funds. so that's a good thing. i think she is going to do a great job. >> thank you so much for coming in. >> thank you. >> and next saturday, free workshop on housing and foreclosure. we'll be right back with more >> the sun is out and yesterday's storm is history now except for any leftover shoveling you may have to do. here's the radar and the satellite. the storm is too far off shore that the radar can't pick up the images of the rain and snow out there, so we're clear now. but we're cold. ther
. in washington, brian mooar, wbal-tv 11 news. >> a programming note, elijah cummings will be our guest later this morning. if you have a question, send it in. e-male your questions to wbaltv.com. >> the time is 5:11. another chance for lady luck to come knocking at your door. >> then, the balt over same-sex marriage in maryland. how a loophole could recognize our 2010 coverage. >> first, are you looking at a live picture outside. john has your 11 insta-weather plus forecast next. stay with us. [ male announcer ] itchy dry scalp? get selsun blue for itchy dry scalp. strong itch-fighters target scalp itch while 5 moisturizers leave hair healthy. selsun blue. got a clue? get the blue. and you'll dump your old broom. but don't worry, he'll find someone else. ♪ who's that lady? ♪ who's that lady? ♪ sexy lady ♪ who's that lady? [ female announcer ] swiffer sweeper's electrostatic dry cloths attract and lock dirt, dust, and hair on contact to clean 50% more than a broom. it's a difference you can feel. swiffer gives cleaning a whole new meaning. ♪ >> we take a quick look at our live h.d.
feel we are safe enough traveling in maryland which is sensitive because of its proximity to washington -- are we doing enough to protect people flying in and out of maryland? >> i think we continue to look for ways to improve what we do. the maryland aviation administration and all law enforcement arm of that works with tsa other federal law enforcement and the airlines to make sure that passengers flying in and out of bwi-byrd marshall have the safest environment you cannot be content. gori you have to look for ways where the system can be improved. the integrity of the system could be made stronger. we continue to do that. to not just at the airports but we look at across the board what we can do to look for disasters and emergencies. yesterday i was with barbara mikulski and announced a $2.5 million for disaster preparedness. across the board, we need to continue looking at ways we can improve security or asshur security. >> what will the administration be doing to continue the relationship of baltimore city? much has been made of this relationship between the governor and the incom
. and the better the relationship with washington, the better it is for baltimore city. >> another session, another chance for you to go plead your case. and i know at the top of your list always, gangs and legislation regarding those things. so when the session ends, what are you going in there armed with to ask for? >> well, as you said, gangs are at the top of our priority list. we have gang statute, but it is not what we want it to be. there's a lot of ambiguity within the current statute. we also don't have a statewide validation criteria. and the statute itself excludes some laws as underlying crimes and it is not a true enhanced penalty. so we're attempting to address those loopholes. we're also looking at guns again. we want to pass an ammunitions law which says that criminals who are convicted felons shouldn't be in possession of ammunition and should not be in possession of long guns. that's rifles and shotguns. as you know, we did get some movement on that last year. but not for just convicted felons. we're also going to be looking at the drunk driving statute which does have some loopho
Search Results 0 to 8 of about 9